Boxfile summary of features

Main Features


•         You don’t have to spend hours reading through individual reports to find out what needs fixing.
•         You don’t have to waste time working out who is responsible for fixing each one.
•         You don’t have the headache of contacting each of those people.
•         You don’t have the hassle of explaining what needs to be done, or whereabouts the issue is.
•         You don’t have to waste time chasing up people to make sure they’ve fixed their issues.
•         You don’t have to trawl through each report to sign off the issues as they’re fixed.
•        You don’t have to spend hours collating progress reports for senior management.

Report Features

•         Unlimited colour coded report types with definable life spans.
•         Simple question and answer method for conducting surveys.
•         Standard paragraph set for each question detailing likely issues within a particular topic.
•         Unlimited categories to allocate paragraphs to.
•         Set suggested severity and likelihood for each paragraph.
•         Set a budget cost to rectify the issue identified for each paragraph.
•         Assign responsibility for each category to an individual.
•         Drag any item from one group to another.
•         Reorder items within its group.
•         Sign off each question set as complete before it can be used.
•         Built in spellchecker.
•         Allow additional paragraphs to detail non-standard issues or to gather specific information.
•         Print out questions and standard paragraphs for review.
•         Customised overall risk rating matrix for each report type.

Building Features

•         Set up each building’s details (you can add an unlimited number of buildings).
•         Optionally set up details of the floors in each building, and detail the rooms on each floor.
•         Set up your organisation wide departments or tenants and allocate them to each room.
•         Set up groups for buildings to reflect regional managers’ responsibilities.
•         Building list always shows current state for each report type.

Users and User Account Features

•         Unlimited number of user account types.
•         Administrator function.
•         Customise access for each account type.
•         Options for each account type to create or sign off reports or review those created by others.
•         Unlimited number of users.
•         Secure log in for all users
•         Restrict users to certain report types.
•         Assign individuals responsible for buildings, groups of buildings, departments or categories.

Survey Features

•        Enter survey findings directly into a tablet PC.
•         No direct access to your network required.
•         Only amend the answer set for those questions where you find issues.
•         Assessor selects any and all paragraphs relevant.
•         Can amend the suggested severity and likelihood.
•         Add new paragraphs if necessary.
•         Unlimited locations for each paragraph (room / department).
•         Upload photo of issue as supporting evidence.
•         Sign off each section of the report as he goes.
•         Upload associated documents to the report with expiry dates where relevant.
•         Synchronise the report with the main server

Report Publication Features

•         Triggers an email to the person allocated to review the report.
•         On publication, triggers a notification email to a distribution list.
•         Print final report in hard copy or .pdf.
•         All issues automatically allocated to the person responsible.
•         Automatic email sent to each listing the issues and the due date.
•         Weekly update emails of issues, highlighting any that are overdue or are due soon.

Remedial Action Features

•         Responsible persons can log into the system and update their own issues. 
•         Issues can have 4 statuses. Unallocated, Allocated, In Progress and Complete.
•         Upload ‘after’ photo to prove that the issue has been corrected (all common image formats).
•         Live report always shows current state of issues.
•         Completed issues move to the archive section, including the ‘after’ photo.
•         Overdue issues are escalated to the administrator.

Management Analysis of Outstanding Actions

•         Management Analysis screen to see an overview of all your own outstanding actions.
•         View analysis by building, by category, by question, by paragraph or by department.
•         Drill down to view specific information.
•         Financial analysis screen for budget cost of rectification by time periods.
•         View number of issues due by time period.
•         Export information to Excel for further analysis. 
•         Administrator reports on the current state of outstanding issues.

Alert Emails

•         When reports are nearing expiry.
•         When associated documents are nearing expiry.
•         When a report is published.
•         When new issues are released.
•         When issues become overdue.

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